A tutorial on blogging your passion

The only way to build a successful blog is by blogging your passion. Read on to find out how to write about what you know and love! (Updated for 2020)

Write About What You Know and Love

It’s a proven fact that you are much more likely to succeed at creating a successful blog if the thing you’re blogging about is also your passion.

It makes total sense, right?

If you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to:

  • Spend more time reading/learning/researching that passion
  • Have more patience with tasks related to your passion
  • Talk to other people about the things you’re passionate about
  • Contribute to a community of other people who share your passion

You might be looking at me know and thinking, “Well, that’s kind of obvious, James“.

However, you’d be surprised at the number of people who:

  • Do not think their passion makes a viable blog
  • Create blogs about topics they have no interest in

If you have doubts that you can write about your passion and turn it into a successful blog, then I encourage you to continue reading.

I built my first blog by writing about a topic that I’m very passionate about, and that blog now receives 184,000 monthly visits.

It’s true. My first blog, Upmostly.com is a collection of hand-written tutorials on a web development language called JavaScript.

I’ve been a web developer for almost 10 years, and I’ve been learning JavaScript throughout that time.

Back in January 2019, I knew I wanted to create a blog about something, but didn’t know what that something was.

That’s when I came across one of my favorite quotes. It’s a quote by Ricky Gervais, and it goes like this:

“Write about what you know”.

It’s such a simple, elegant, powerful quote.

Because it’s true. If you are passionate about a particular topic, then it’s likely you know a lot about that topic.

Therefore, that’s what you should blog about!

For the rest of this article, I’ll answer common questions that I receive when I talk to people about blogging your passion.

If you want ideas on how to get started blogging your passion, read my guide on how to generate ideas for your first blog post.

My Passion Is Too Niche. There Isn’t a Large Enough Audience.

The term, “too niche” doesn’t exist anymore on the web.

I’m serious.

There are 4.4 million blog posts published every single day (source: https://techjury.net/blog/blogs-published-per-day).

409 million people read them.

Take a second and think about how many people that is.

A lot.

Now, do you see why I believe the term “too niche” doesn’t exist anymore?

Thanks to the web, you now have access to a global audience of like-minded people who share your passion.

A photo of a large crowd in black and white

In fact, being “too niche” is actually a good thing.

I actually warn people against blogging about something that isn’t niche.


Because it’s much harder to create a blog isn’t focused.

A classic example I always use to illustrate this point is a blog about dogs.

That’s a pretty wide topic to write about. I mean, where to do you begin?

Sure, you’d be writing content for the rest of your life, but you’re spreading yourself very thin by casting a wide net.

It would be far better to create a blog about a specific sub-topic, within the parent topic of dogs.

Such as, dog grooming, dog clothing, or dog leashes.

It all goes back to how people are using Google now.

Our search behavior has changed. Gone are the days of people searching for wide topics like dogs.

People search for very specific phrases now. And not just a few people. Thousands, if not millions of people.

This isn’t anything new. This type of behavior began about 10 years ago.

So, no, your passion isn’t too niche. Believe me, I create a blog about a very specific coding language and I get hundreds of thousands of visits per month.

I just really want to drive the point home that your passion is likely going to be shared by thousands of other people.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging Your Passion?


And I’ll share 8 ways you can make money blogging your passion.

As I mentioned previously, there are 403 million people who read 4.4 million articles every day.

Although not all of those 4.4 million people are willing to pay for products, a large chunk will.

My conversion rates for selling products on my blogs is at about 1.7%.

I know that seems low, but believe me, that’s quite a good conversion rate.

This list of ways to make money blogging your passion is by no means an exhaustive list.

a photo of a notepad in front of a laptop, with a pen resting on the notepad.

However, it’s a good starting point for you to use to think about how you can begin to monetize your passion.

And monetizing your passion isn’t at all a bad thing.

I’ve struggled with that thought in the past, and I’m now a big believer in striving to make money from my passion so I can continue writing about it.

So, ways to make money from your passion, no matter how niche it is:

  • Write an e-book and sell it
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts
  • Site “takeovers” (basically the product company puts their graphics on your entire site for a day/week/month)
  • Banner ads
  • Video tutorials/guides
  • Newsletter sponsorship

Eight ways you can make money by blogging your passion. Now there’s no excuse not to fire up WordPress and get writing!

If you want to know more about blogging, read my post on what I learned after 12 months of web development blogging.

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